STAT MedEvac is a Direct Air Carrier E3MA774L and arranges and coordinates the operation of air ambulance services. All rotor wing flights are operated by STAT MedEvac. All fixed wing flights are arranged by STAT MedEvac and operated by contracted Direct Air Carriers.

Job Openings and Qualifications

Apply by January 9, 2016 / Full time and part time positions are available


Flight Nurse Job Postings: To apply: Click here for UPMC Jobs Website and enter job ID number.


» Flight Nurse – North East Bases – Job ID # 2085024

» Flight Nurse – West Bases – Job ID # 2085021

» Flight Nurse – East Bases – Job ID # 2085018

» Flight Nurse – North Bases – Job ID # 2085023


Flight Paramedic Job Postings: To apply: Click here for UPMC Jobs Website and enter job ID number.


» Flight Paramedic – North East Bases – Job ID # 2085028

» Flight Paramedic – West Bases – Job ID # 2085026

» Flight Paramedic –East Bases – Job ID # 2085025

» Flight Paramedic – North Bases – Job ID # 2085027



North East Bases: 

M-06: Clarion, PA

M-09: Clearfield, PA

M-11: Altoona, PA


West Bases:  

M-01: Washington, PA

M-02: Greensburg, PA

M-03: Cranberry, PA

M-04: West Mifflin (Allegheny County Airport)

M-05: Connellsville, PA

M-15: Wintersville, OH

M16: Kittanning, PA


North Bases:  

M-07: Meadville

M-08: Grove City, PA

M-14: North Lima, OH

M-17: Corry, PA


East Bases:

M-10: Baltimore, MD

M-13: York, PA

M-18: District of Columbia

Communications Specialist 

To apply: Click here for UPMC Jobs Website and enter the job ID number.



Communications Specialist: Job opening ID 2077446 


The Communications Specialist will act as a facilitator in providing the necessary assistance to requesting organizations and receiving facilities. This includes obtaining the appropriate information for service and providing any additional assistance necessary to meet the organization’s needs. All responsibilities will be carried out with a positive customer service approach.


» Certified Emergency Medical Technician in the state of Pennsylvania

» Professional appearance and manner

» Excellent communication skills

» Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills

» Driver’s license with reliable transportation

» Associates degree or higher preferred

» Paramedic certification preferred


EMS Helicopter Pilot (Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send a resume)

Minimum Requirements:

» Commercial instrument rotorcraft license

» Current second class medical license

» 2,000 total flight hours

» 1,500 total helicopter flight hours

» 200 night flight hours (at least 100 hours unaided)

» 100 instrument hours

» 500 turbine hours